High-Strength Marine Metals, Part 1 - Stainless Steel - Why Stainless Steel is Not the Ideal Marine Metal

High-Strength Marine Metals, Part 2 - Copper & Nickel Alloys - High Strength with High Corrosion Resistance

Learning from a Tragic Capsize - Understanding how excessive loading lead to a capsize with loss fo life can help avoid future tragedies

Quiet Science - Sound Insulation and Noise Control, Cutting Decibels

Taming the Wayward Electron, Part I - Controlling Galvanic Corrosion, Understanding and evaluating galvanic corrosion

Taming the Wayward Electron, Part II- Controlling Galvanic Corrosion, Determining the Amount of Corrosion Protection and its Installation

Tonnage Dunnage - The Many Meanings and Uses of the Familar Ton, Tonage Measurement of Boats

The Proper Bootstripe - How to layout a bootstripe (boottop) on a boat

Stability is the Key, Part 1, Initial Stability - Understanding Stability and Sailboat Performance and Safety

Stability is the Key, Part 2, Reserve Stabiltiy - Undersanding Stability and Sailboat Performance and Safety

Basic Criteria for Powerboat Stability - Powerboat stability evaluation for comfort and for safety

Stability is the Key , Sail, October 2004 - On creteria for sailing multihull stability

The Efficient Powerboat, Part 1  - Factors that increase fuel economey and range in powerboats and how to evaluate and compare boats

The Efficient Powerboat, Part 2  - Stabilty, cabin arrangments and seakeeping in efficient powerboats

Engine Power Curves - Understanding engine performance and engine performance curves, and fule tankage and range calculations.

Moisture Meters - Limitations and use of an imporatant tool

The First Powerboats - What you know about the first steamboats is most likely all wrong

The First to Fly, Part 1 - How we learned to plane; the development of the planing boat

The First to Fly, Part 2 - How we learned to skim in steps; development of the stepped hydroplane

Classic Ductch Yachts and the Real James Bond - Early Dutch yachts and James Bond have a surprising connection

Flags of Convenience - The whys and wherefores of registering vessels under foreign flags

Two Good? - Notes on twin keels and twin rudders.

Propeller Blade Area, Sail, May 2016 - The importance of blade area for sailboat propellers.

Capacity, Stability, And Safety: How Many IsToo Many?, BoatUS - The capsize of a 34-foot cabin cruiser in Long Island Sound raises questions about boat carrying capacities.

The Elements of Boat Strength Scantling System - Paper presented at IBEX 2010 on the development,details and usefulness of the Elements of Boat Strength scantling system.

The Hickman Sea Sled: The Best High-Speed Hull Ever? - Sadly, due to a combination of circumstances, the Hickman Sea Sled is lagerly a memory today. It might, however, be time to revive the concept.

Sea Sleds Glide Again - How Boatbuilder Magazine brought the amazing Hickman Sea Sled back to life.

More Efficient Power Voyaging?, Ocean Navigator, April 2012 - Early efficeint powerboats and measuring and increasing powerboat efficiency.

Elements of Boat Strength Updates and Errata - The latest updates and errata for the Elements of Boat Strength scantling rule

Headsail Sheeting , Sail, April 2011 - Laying out headsail sheets for upwind performance.

What Mast Rake is All About, Sail. August 2016 -The practical aspects of raking masts and the effect of rake.

Avoiding Capsizing and Swamping, Boat US, August 2016 - A study of five years of capsizes and swampings reveal how they happen and what you can do to avoid them.

Cool and Quiet and Trouble-Free , Good Old Boat, Sept./Oct. 1998 - Guidelines for Evaluating and Installing Wet Exhausts

Pocket Navigation, Part 1 , Small Boat Journal, September 1986 now on Duckworks - Simple navigation system without using electronics

Pocket Navigation, Part 2 , Small Boat Journal, September 1986, now on Duckworks - Simple Navigation system without using electronics

Definition of: Boat, Yacht, Small Craft, and Related Terms



The Many Talents of Dave Gerr
- Yachts International, May 2007

Talkin' boats with Dave Gerr - Interview with Dave Ger, from Soundings, August 2011

Crunching Numbers: A Better Way to Estimate Hull Speed - Wavetrain, Boats & Gear, October 2010, about the Gerr hull-speed formula 

The Coastal Flyer 39 - Yachting, April 2000, about the 41-ft. (12.5 m) shoal-draft, jet-drive Coastal Flyer

The Creation of a Shoal-Draft Cruiser , WoodenBoat, July/August 1998, about the 42-ft. (12.8 m), shoal-draft Belle Marie/Summer Kyle

Roseate A Unique Boat, A Unique Builder , PassageMaker Nov/Dec 2006, about the 44-ft (13.4 m) shoal-draft Roseate the fiberglass version of Summer Kyle

Skinny Water Queen , PassageMaker 2013, about, about the 42-ft. (12.8 m), shoal-draft  Summer Kyle/Belle Marie

Superior By Design , Motor Boating & Sailing, December 1998, about Imagine, the Kanter 57, 57-ft. (17.4 m) aluminum voyaging motorcruiser

Gerr 44 - Bob Perry's review of the Gerr 44, Slipstream, catamaran, from Sailing, June 1998

Walrus , Boat International USA 2006, about the 76-ft. (23 m) shoal-draft Kesterl/Walrus ads

Nester Dinghy , Yachting January 1996, Chuck Paine's review of the 11-ft. (3.3 m)  Nester Dinghy

Gerr Marine 66' Express Cruiser/Sportfisherman , Southern Boating, August 2000, about the 66-ft. (20.1 m) Kingfisher

Kinfisher 66 , Yachting January 2001, about the 66-ft. (20.1 m) Kingfisher

Off Soundings , Yachting January 1996 34-ft. (10.4 m) fiberglass Gerr 34

BOC Racer Pushes the Limits of Design , Soundings April 1990, about the 60 ft. (18.3 m) BOC racer, Holger Danske


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