On Captains Flats, in Duxbury MA this week. I wanted to check the zincs and clean her up a bit so I moved my home office [Belle Marie] to the flats. Was a beautiful day.  - Bill

Imagine the freedom, the pleasure and the adventures possible cruising on a proven ocean-going boat drawing less than 26 inches (66 cm), that can run up on the beach or dry out with the tide anywhere!


"Twombly [the second Summer Kyle] went through the water beautifully. Even when the weather blew up hard between the openings [of the inland waterway], the flare of her bow split the waves really well. I couldn't imagine how she could be so stable. I now see the endless possibilities of a shallow water cruiser. As someone who has had long-legged sailboats myself, I realize all the water I've been missing!"

Jim Stanek, delivery captain with 30 years experience on all types of vessels.

A No-Problem Grounding
The previous night the wind shift from the front passing had blown us aground while we were at anchor because I had anchored right at the edge of the shore. We sat there perfectly upright, safe and comfortable until the tide lifted us enough that the wind could blow us on around and back into deeper water. Can you think of another boat on which that would have been possible? - Paul

Shallow-Creek Anchoring
It's really neat to be able to get up inside the little shallow creeks along the Waterway to anchor for the night. Watched a Grand Banks hit bottom twice trying to get into the same place we were anchored. It must be a sin to feel that smug. - Paul

42-ft. (12.8 m) Belle Marie (Summer Kyle) - Draft: 23 in. (58 cm)

47-ft. (14.3 m) Nancy Lakin (Peregrine) - Draft: 28 in. (70 cm)

44-ft. (13.4 m) Roseate (Summer Kyle) Draft: 23 in. (58 cm)

50-ft. (15.2 m) Kamarea Draft: 28 in. (70 cm)

76-ft. (23.2 m) Walrus (Kestrel) Draft: 42 in. (107 cm)

The unique tunnel-drive hull, based on the Sea Bright skiff hull form as modified by Billy Atkin

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