Boat Mechanical Systems Handbook
The first ever guide for optimizing boat systems, this guide is invaluable for anyone designing or installing mechanical systems on a new boat, retrofitting an existing boat, or evaluating a boat's operating condition.

Writing for designers, builders, owners, buyers, mechanics, surveyors of sailboats, powerboats, and commercial vessels, Dave Gerr provides design and installation guidance for each major mechanical system plus pragmatic guidelines and real-world interpretations of American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) and European standards. No marine professional or serious boater should be without Boat Mechanical Systems Handbook.

"This book is one of the most important books to be published in this field for a long time. Here you have ice cold facts written down and documented in a way that will make this book one of the most important books in my boat design library as long as I live or can spell "boat". I am impressed...most books on the subject are kept in general terms and a few of them will never get beyond confirming that we are going to see daylight again tomorrow, but Dave Gerr dares. He gives you all the knowledge he possesses and there is absolutely no excuse for not getting it right if you have read and studied this book front to back. It is an extremely helpful have to own it! The amount and level of up to date and useable information in this book is of such character that Dave Gerr's new book probably will make at least 20 other boating books on your shelf ready for the trash can. I just can't wait to see more books from this guy (of course I own all the other books written by Dave Gerr..they are brilliant, but this last book is the best ever from Dave Gerr)."

Klavs Lyholmer, Fredericia, Denmark

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