The Nature of Boats
The Nature of Boats is packed with understandable explanations of the difference between initial and reserve stability, of why winged keels do what they do, of how torque and horsepower work, of traditional vs. high-tech boatbuilding materials, of rudder control, of speed powered by sails vs. engines, of floatation and trim, and more.

"A witty and wise romp through boat design and theory of hulls, their speed, displacement, advantages and faults, motors, sails, building. Abundant lucid drawings. Great fun."
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- Book News, Inc.

"It's quite obvious Gerr understands the weaknesses of those of us afflicted with a passion for boats. Furthermore, he trades on our insatiable appetite for nautical tidbits. And he does it well. There's hardly an aspect of yacht design, construction, and operation that he doesn't touch on in his cheerful, chatty manner."
- Sea

"If you are not not nautically obsessed prior to reading this book, you will most certainly be afterword."
- Sailing

"It's sort of a cross between David Macaulay's The Way Things Work and a volume of Andy Rooney essays. Which means it's fun and educational at the same time."
- Practical Sailor

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